About Dr. Abdolrahman Najlerahim

About Abdolrahman Najlerahim

Dr. Abdolrahman Najlerahim, M.D. PhD, is a Neurologist, Neuroscientist, author of ten books and more than three-hundred papers.

Professional life

As an emeritus professor of Neurology Dr. Najlerahim is one of the pioneer researchers and theorists in the field of Social Neuroscience in Iran. He initiated and funded the Social Neuroscience Public Seminars in Shohada-Tajrish Hospital in Tehran about twenty-five years ago. The seminars are unique in that experts from various disciplines including but not limited to Neurology, Philosophy, Neuroscience, art and music gather every month to discuss fundamental topics in Social Neuroscience in an interdisciplinary language, understandable to publics.

Dr. Najlerhaim is best known for his books, including “The World in the Brain”, weekly articles in Shargh newspaper and the collection of eight Documentaries on special neurological cases. He is currently working on his theory in the field of Neurophenomenology, intersubjectivity in Neuroscience and art and has three books under publication. He has critical view towards current classical dualistic approach in medicine and Neuroscience.

Dr. Abdolrahman Najlerahim